PUBG Tricks 2020 : PUBG is the most popular game among the Gaming lovers. Everyone is crazy about it. Today this article is only for those who play PUBG game, in which we are telling you some tips and tricks about PUBG mobile game which can help you win a chicken dinner. By using these tips and tricks, you can easily win in PUBG game.

Seeing the increasing popularity of this game, many people are taking the initiative to play this game. PUBG is a game of survival till the end, but not necessarily everyone survives in the game.

Often players play the game well, but they fail to have a chicken dinner due to ignoring some important points.

PUBG Mobile 5 Smart Tricks: With which you can win in PUBG Game?

We are not telling you that you do not know how to play PUBG. But for those people who are now starting to play this game on the Lite version, we have brought these tips which can make them master in PUBG.

1. Landing Spot

Landing is the most important in a PUBG game. If you want to land at a location, then your time must be very accurate. Whatever your target is, you should land 600 to 800 meters away.

After that, you need to fly from a terminal velocity of more than 231 km / h from 100 meters to 120 meters from the target. You can use the down directional button to do this.

2. Reload magazines at the right time

You must reload magazines before they are zero. Because sub-machine guns prove to be very helpful after landing at any location.

At the same time, why don’t you start the game with any gun, but if your game ends with a different gun then it will be called smart move.

3. Sneak Attack

It is good if you attack another player secretly. For this, you can use glitches in the design. It helps to kill the other player.

For this, whenever you are near any wall or building, look inside for sure. This will give you a clear view of the room or building and you will be able to kill the other player.

Apart from this, there is another way that if you are entering a building and another player is hiding behind the door, then you throw a molly to know it. This will give you information about the presence of another player.

4. Always move

Never stand in one place while playing this game. Doing so can end your game. Standing in one place should only be done while shooting your target.

Apart from this, you should always keep moving so that you can avoid becoming the target of the enemy, this is the best way to protect yourself in PUBG.

5. Arcade and War Mode

When you start playing games, then pay attention to practice sessions. These sessions are shown playing just like a professional game. Arcade and War modes allow the player to develop game play skills.

Most people make this mistake and skip practice sessions, which makes them very difficult to understand the game, so it is better that you do practice before starting the game.

In conclusion,

These 5 PUBG Smart Tricks will help you win as much as the PUBG Game. All the tricks are easy to understand and new players will also understand easily.

Apart from all this, take care of the costume, choose the firing mode properly and do not use the car at the last time of the game, because its sound makes everyone aware.

Note : – We do not recommend you to play PUBG game nor support it in any way, if possible, stay away from it.

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