What is Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? – When and why is it celebrated?

Nowadays, where are you talking about Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday! but why? What is special in these two days?

Have you ever tried to know this?

If we talk about its name – “BLACK FRIDAY”

What a terrible name sounds? – But why is it so special despite having such a terrible name? And why was it named BLACK FRIDAY?

Such interesting information… wouldn’t you like to know? – Stay tuned to know with us…

Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday Kya Hai? – complete information!

Say one thing… this day can be very special for you too! – Why know?

Hold a little… Today I will share all the information related to it with you! So that after today you don’t have to search in Google again and again to know this!

Today you will get three amazing information in a single post! Because all three are incomplete without each other!
Hahaha… but why are these three incomplete without each other brother? But what is the matter?

Before knowing this, let’s take a look at what you will learn today:

  • What is Black Friday ?
  • What is Cyber ​​Monday ?
  • When is Black Friday celebrated?
  • Why is Black Friday celebrated?
  • Why was it named Black Friday ?
  • In which countries is Black Friday celebrated?
  • On this day which Websites Discount offer?

Read this post till the last to know all this information!

1. What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

You must have heard the name of Eid and Deepawali in all of you! Thus you must also know why Eid and Deepawali is celebrated!

So just know that Black Friday is also a festival! But this is completely different from your Eid and Diwali!

Do you know why?

Let me tell you the whole thing… but before knowing about Black Friday you have to know about “ Thanksgiving day ”!

Thanksgiving day is a day off in the US! And on this day, the people there have a lot of fun, eat food together and say thank you to each other!

Because Black Friday is celebrated the very next day of Thanksgiving day! Which comes in the month of November every year!

If you are told to roam around, you can call it Shopping Festival! Because it is the biggest shopping festival in United States America!

Let me tell you for your information, this day all year round, the huge discount (on comparison shopping Discounts are) found! – Up to 90% off on this day .

And it has started becoming the busiest and crowded shopping day since the year 2005!

I haven’t told you the whole thing yet! You will get to know everything, but before that, you should know about Cyber ​​Monday!

2. What is Cyber ​​Monday?

By now you have come to know about ” What is Black Friday ” Let’s know about the second day!

Both Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday have a close relationship! Because Cyber ​​Monday will not be celebrated until Black Friday comes!

In the month of November of every year, on the next day of Thanksgiving day , Black Friday and the first Monday after that is called Cyber ​​Monday!

This day is especially known for online shopping! This is the only day of the year when Arbo Dollar ( 100 Million Dollar + ) is spent online!

The shopkeepers there say that on Cyber ​​Monday, people can take Shopping / Deals in the Office itself!

Let me tell you once more, this day is specially celebrated in America…

But the year 2014 from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in both Asia also quite popular ( Popular slipping)!

… And nowadays people in India are also showing much interest! Along with this, you are also taking advantage of the discounts available on the Great Deals!

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3. When is Black Friday celebrated?

Now let me tell you in detail about Black Friday!

The year in the US November last Thursday of the month ( Thursday ‘s) Thanksgiving Day is celebrated! Then the next day ie Friday ( Friday comes)! – Yes or not?

Just this Friday is known as “BLACK FRIDAY”! And on this day it is celebrated as the Shopping Festival!

In the year 2018, Black Friday was celebrated on 23 November and Cyber ​​Monday on 26 November!

And on this day, many brands give big discounts! In the US of such a discount, you get to see a discount of up to 98 %!

For example, with a 98% discount,

Product price ( Rs 10000 ) = Post-discount price ( Rs 200 only )

Oh my God… such a huge discount? – You are not shocked?

Yes, it is absolutely true! Some products get such big discounts!

4. Why is Black Friday celebrated?

Actually, the thing is that traditionally Christmas day shopping starts from the next day of Thanksgiving day!

Keeping this in mind, the shopping festival was celebrated as Black Friday on Thanksgiving day!

However, this is not the only reason behind celebrating it! Apart from this, there are other reasons due to which Black Friday is celebrated as a shopping day!

5. Why was it named Black Friday?

In fact, it is said to be the first to start Philadelphia (Philadelphia), which is considered to be the largest city in the US ! Actually, Black Friday started from there!

After Thanksgiving day in Philadelphia, the next day (FRIDAY) a large number of people leave their homes for shopping!

At the same time, during that day many shops and streets see a lot of crowd and noise! And sometimes even road accidents happen! This is the reason that day is known as “BLACK FRIDAY” !

6. In which countries is Black Friday celebrated?

By the way, Black Friday is a specially celebrated shopping day in USA ( United States of America )!

You know that it all started in Philadelphia ! And since 1966 , people started to know it as Black Friday!

But talk about the year 1975 , so people outside this year also knew it! And from the same year, it became popular! And today the countries of Asia are also significantly Popular happening!

It is gaining immense popularity in India simultaneously! Today, many online and offline retailers in India are giving huge discounts on this day! And there is a lot of enthusiasm in the people too!

In countries where it is not yet popular, there will be joy and gaiety in the coming years about Black Friday too!

7. Which websites offer discounts on this day?

If we talk about USA, then there are huge discounts on all types of stores, whether offline store or online…

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And these days almost all online stores in India are also giving tremendous Deals! And in big cities, offline stores can also be seen in Black Friday Discount!

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Last word:

Whether you know about the history of Black Friday! But a sensible customer is the one who takes advantage of these opportunities!

Perhaps this is the reason that people in America eagerly wait for this day! And BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY filling the day Shopping do!

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